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2 TImothy 3:15-16


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12/03/2017Paul Martin Hope Defeats Despair: King Jesus has diety to be the worthy Redeemer
Celebrating the King of Christmas Matthew 1.1-17
Jesus is the worthy King and the able Redeemer according to God's promise for humanity.
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06/18/2017Paul Martin The 'king of His castle' is confidently courageous
Father's Day 1 Kings 2.1-4
The father who has courageous confidence in God by being and living compliant to His Word is the one who seeks God's blessings on his household.
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06/11/2017Paul Martin God's Presence is the witness of His Spirit
Church on a Mission Acts 2.14-36
God sends His promised Spirit as a witness to Jesus Christ who sits with authority to judge sin and death and to provide salvation for those who call Him King.
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06/04/2017Paul Martin God's Presence is the Witness of His Miracle
Church on a Mission Acts 2.1-13
God's Presence i the believer's life causes them to proclaim witness to God's mighty acts.
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05/28/2017Paul Martin The Waiting Witness is the Church's Blessing
Church on a Mission Acts 1.12-26
The call to be a witness for Christ begins with waiting on God in Unity and choosing to serve with Responsibility
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05/21/2017Paul Martin Ascension is the key to delivering eternal life; part 2
Church on a Mission Acts 1.11
Life is brought to people of all nations because the Ascension of Jesus Christ delivered eternal life
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