Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry is vitally important in the world we find ourselves in today. The impact of a godly man on the home and the world around him is overwhelming.






Lynx are cats that run the forests of North America alone. They are nocturnal carnivores that are skilled at hunting their next meal. They are a threatened species.


The lynx was named for its bright reflective eyes after a Greek word meaning "light that is found in the New Testament in places like:


Luke 11:33-36: the eye is the lamp of the soul, light in the soul comes out through the eyes

John 8:12: Jesus is that Light in our lives

2 Peter 1:19-21: the Word of God is the a light shining in darkness


The Christian man is a threatened species¦

the Lynx group¦ is a small group for men only to stoke the Light of Christ in their lives. The small group will strengthen your walk with Christ, your relationship with your family, and your integrity before others.


RUN WITH THE GROUP¦ live better.



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